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Application to perform at San Rafael PorchFest 9/15/2024

Apply between March 15th - May 17th


PorchFest is a nationwide phenomenon. It’s an all-volunteer, family-friendly, free event that brings communities together to celebrate music. This is San Rafael's fifth annual PorchFest and our community is thrilled to be bringing back returning bands and welcoming new ones!

True to the spirit of PorchFest, performers play at the event for free. We raise money through sponsorships and merch sales to pay for things like bathrooms, barricades, permits and security, and there are no ticket sales.

In turn PorchFest will:      

  • promote artist in shout-outs on social media

  • include artist on t-shirts and banners

  • promote the schedule of artists online and in handouts at the event 

  • feed artists lunch

We will be solidifying the lineup earlier this year than prior years.

The deadline for applications is Friday May 17th.

Get your application in and don’t miss the deadline!  


Details to keep in mind:

  • This is a family friendly event. If your music does not suit that environment, this is not the right gig for you. 

  • We always receive far more applications than we are able to accept. 

  • It is our goal to create balance in music genres, returning and new acts, and to prioritize local talent as much as possible.

  • Please understand we strongly prioritize original music and accept very few, if any, dedicated cover bands. ​

  • Since we want to keep the lineup fresh every year, there's no guarantee that bands that have performed in prior events will be part of this year's lineup, but please submit if you would like to play. 

  • Even if you have applied before, you'll need to apply again this year.  

  • Since we may not be familiar with your band, please make sure to share a link to high-quality demos, recordings, or videos in your application. 

  • This is a free community event, and bands are not paid to perform. Bands are strongly encouraged to use QR codes, tip jars, and merch sales at the event, as audiences are quite generous and looking for ways to support you.

  • Please know that even if we aren't able to slot your band into this year's festival, we really appreciate your interest and are always working to include as many bands as we can. Please apply again next year.

  • It’s our goal to solidify the schedule by mid-June.

  • Spread the word! Know a good local band? Tell them to apply!

How many members are in your band? (So we can choose the right sized porch for you.)
What genre is your music? Check all that apply.
Where are you located?
Thanks for applying!
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